Breakfast On The Go

Three days off from working out and my lungs were already unwilling to cooperate.  I think they enjoyed their time off a little too much. I was feelin it this morning at my cardio sculpt class and seemed to be quite lacking in the air department during the cardio bursts.  I felt like I had to work a lot harder and it took much longer to catch my breath afterwards.

It sure felt good to break a good sweat after a few days off.

I’ve come to realize my stamina is the first thing to go whenever I take time off from working out…be it 2 weeks or even just 3 days.  It took me a long time to build it up to where I am today , but it disappears so quickly.

Lifes just unfair sometimes.

But I’ll get over it 🙂

I finally had a little extra time this morning to make exactly what I wanted for breakfast.  After a couple days of NuGo and GreensPlus bars eaten on the go, I was ready for something more up my alley in terms of breakfast.

I was feeling both cereal and oats and being someone who’s not likely to deny my cravings, I had both.

My usual oatbran, egg whites, and cottage cheese blend on the bottom. Barbara’s peanut butter puffins, kamut puffs, unsweetened almond milk, and fruit on the top.  I literally just combined two of my usual breakfasts into one.

The verdict?  Satisfaction.  Both cravings were fulfilled and I was good to go.

Speaking of breakfasts good to go, I have a friend who came to me for some ideas for quick, simple, and nutritious breakfasts that she can eat on the go.  Her exact words I believe were…”for young busy unhealthy-eating professionals.”

I’m more of a sit and enjoy type of girl when it comes to breakfasts, but there are always those days where I’d much rather catch a few extra Z’s and eat on the go.

What are some of your favorite quick and nutritious breakfasts that can be eaten on the go?

I’d love to hear your favorites!  I have a few faves and I’m planning on putting them together in a post later this week.  I’d love to feature yours as well!


Some Vita-mix Action

My vita-mix got a pretty decent break over the long weekend and it was about time I break it out again for some VMA (vita-mix action).  I really think this is the most used gadget in my kitchen, but I’m not surprised why.  It can pretty much make anything.  This morning I just wanted something cold and simple so I ended up using:

  • 1 large frozen banana
  • 1 cup low-fat unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 2.5 pieces ice
  • 1 rounded tbsp almond butter
  • 1 tbsp ground flax
  • a couple dashes vietnamese cinnamon and a couple more on the finished product
blend it up!
And a couple mins later, a banana almond smoothie was born:
Very banana-y with a hint of almond.

It was simple and delicious.  But it would be even more delicious had I shaved some dark chocolate over it and mixed it in.  But alas, I was running low on time and had to get myself over to they gym pronto.

I had a decent workout that started with 18 mins on the treadmill looking something like this:

– min 0-1 @ 3.2
– min 1-2 @ 3.5
– min 2-3 @ 3.9
– mins 3-7 @ 6.5
– min 7-7:30 @ 7.5
– mins 7:30-10 @ 6.6
– min 10-10:30 @ 8.0
– mins 10:30-13 @ 6.7
– min 13-13:30 @ 8.0
– mins 13:30-16 @ 6.8    (all at a .5 incline)
– min 16 @ 12 3.8   (at a 12 incline)
– min 17-18 @ 3.5  (at inline 3.5)

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