Steamed Dinner


That’s me breathing out a sign of relief.

I’m finally caught up (for the most part) with my summer school assignments and can relax a bit for a day or two 🙂

I spent the majority of yesterday working on a project and an assignment, which I completed a little earlier today.

It wasn’t all work though. I took a couple breaks in between.

During my mid-morning break, I went to buy a snack at my favorite bread shop downstairs. I needed to get my blood circulating in my legs 😉

After perusing a bit I decided on a sweet potato bread.

Doesn’t it actually look like a sweet potato from the side? I didn’t realize it until after I had snapped a photo of it.

The outside is soft bread, and inside is actually a sweet potato.

It’s definitely not the most attractive looking bread, but it’s a tasty one.

After I very slowly ate my snack it was back to work.

A while later I took my second break and had lunch. I ate the other item I had purchased during my mid-morning trip to La Creation de Gute.

Any guess what my lunch was?

How about now?

It’s a tuna sandwich! Well, I guess it doesn’t qualify as a true sandwich since it’s not between two slices of bread, but I don’t know what to call it. Tuna roll? eh..

Whatever it’s called, it was mighty tasty.

And I ate it all. After all, I am a member of the clean plates club 😉

I had some golden kiwi and watermelon on the side.

Anyone know if you can eat kiwi skin? I didn’t try it, but I feel like I should.

After lunch I finished up my assignment (finally!) and headed to they gym for 22 mins on the elliptical, 17 on the bike, 17 on the treadmill, and 10 mins of abs.

Then came my favorite part of my day today. A walk to the grocery store! 🙂

I have no food here and needed some veggies stat. Plus I really wanted to use the steamer in the kitchen here.

I’ve never used an actual steamer before and this thing is amazing! You can make anything in it from rice to de-crystalizing honey, or even make yogurt!

Since it was my first time using it, I kept it on the simpler side.

I decided on some chinese spinach, carrots, tofu, and half of a mini Japanese pumpkin.

During it’s 15 mins in the steamer, I showered off and had some salmon rolls as an appetizer.

Then, voilà! – Veggies were ready.

I think I may have overcooked the spinach slightly, but it was still good and not tough at all. Just a bit brown.

After I was about 2/3’s through, I realized I didn’t season any of the veggies before steaming them, but I don’t really think it needed anything. Fresh veggies are always best as is. The carrots gave the spinach a slightly sweet taste, and the pumpkin was delicious on its own.

I couldn’t read the label of the tofu to see whether it was firm or silken, since it was all in Chinese, so it was a surprise 🙂 I usually eat firm, but luckily I like all tofu because it ended up being silken. Delicious and smoooooth.

This has to be one of the easiest dinners I’ve ever made! Aside from my instant noodles last night…

But that doesn’t count 😉

Now I’m off to find something to satisfy my sweet tooth 😛

I’ll also be making something with these in a bit!

Any guesses what I’ll be doing with them?

Have a terrific tuesday!



Yesterday I ended up taking a day off from the gym because my knee has been acting up. I stayed home and did some reading then around 3pm I went shopping.

Grocery shopping. 🙂

I went downstairs to browse my favorite grocery store.

Everything I wanted was so incredibly expensive since it was imported in from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, or the US. Since I already brought most of my favorite foods with me, I didn’t buy much.

I left with bananas, a pumpkin black oat drink mix, golden zespri kiwis (I found them!!), and salmon rolls. I was originally going to stop at Pret a Manager for a hummus sandwich on my way home, but the sushi was calling out to me.

Plus all of these rolls were just 16.80 Hong Kong dollars.

That’s a total of 2.15 US dollars.

I ate the rolls for lunch then had the pumpkin black oat drink as a dessert.

Ingredients: Pumpkin, oat, black wheat, black sesame, golden syrup.

I just poured a packet into a mug and added hot water.

It’s not the prettiest looking thing, but it was actually pretty good.

It kind of reminded me of a cereal drink.

After lunch I took the subway over to Causeway Bay where Sogo is.

Looks pretty empty, yeah?

Yeah, not so much. It gets even busier in the mornings and evenings when everyones going to and from work.

Anyways, Sogo is a 12 story department store. It’s HUGE and sells anything from food to bedding and furniture to appliances. Basically anything you need, you can find it at Sogo.

I headed down to the basement where all the food is.

They have ready made foods or actual groceries.

My sister had a milk top pudding – Milk (original) flavor.

I passed on the pudding and sampled a few snacks . Obviously the samples worked because I ended up buying almost everything I tried.

Wasabi Rice Crackers:

Baked Broccoli Chips

Dried Jackfruit & Strawberries:

Afterwards I headed home. I live above a very international shopping mall so it’s really convenient when it comes to food. There are restaurants or fast food-type restaurants all over the mall.

I just went to a fast food place since it was already 9pm and had eggs with mushroom and shrimp.

The eggs had a strong buttery taste, which I didn’t really care for.
Today I went grocery shopping (yes, again), but for necessities. I’ll touch on that tomorrow, but right now I’m about to head out to Mong Kok, a super busy area, to meet up with my family. I think it actually has the highest population density in the world. Afterwards, it’s dinner at my grandparents house.
Hope everyone had a wonderful fourth! 🙂