Golf + Snacks

Day’s like today remind me of the reasons why I don’t play golf anymore…

I spent my morning/afternoon playing caddy to my sister at a women’s golf qualifier in our area.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t exhausted.  I guess carrying 40 lbs on your back can do that to you.  Who thought that it would a smart idea to carry golf clubs on your back?

Well, regardless of the bag, I’d be tired anyways because walking up and down hills with the sun beating down on you, with raging humidity, kinda just purely sucks the life out of you.  These are they days its easiest to get dehydrated and not even know it.  Good thing I have my Camelbak!  You never think it’ll happen because, come on, you’re just walking around, but before you know it, it’s been over 4 and a half hours and you’ve somehow walked 6-8 miles (depending on the course).

It’s a fun sport and all, and I feel like golfers have some of the strongest mentalities out there, but it’s just too time consuming of a game.

One of the things I miss most about golf are the fun snacks we used to always stash in our golf bags.  My favorites have always been clif kid’s zbars, cheese or peanut butter crackers, granola, and fruit.  It’s always fun trying to balance an apple on your golf bag when it’s your turn to hit and coming back to find that its fallen on the ground and has dirt all over it…

Today I brought along an almond butter & jelly tortilla sandwich, brownie zbar (unpictured), and chocolate chip snackimals.

Can you tell I’m a kid at heart?  Kiddie snacks are always more fun.  And better tasting 😛

Now I’m home and I’ve got a paper and case study staring me down, but I’m so drained of mental energy I have no motivation to do either.

PSDo you like my mani?

I got raspberry red 🙂

I couldn’t help myself…they were just so plump!

Do you currently play any sports?  Or did you use to play any sports that you now miss or wish you still continued?  I used to be on the swim team in high school.  Seriously one of the best forms of exercise!


‘Outrageous’ Waffles

Last night before going to bed I was watching Outrageous Foods on the Food Network and they were featuring a restaurant that paired all their foods with gelato.  Now, that’s my kind of restaurant! Too bad it’s nowhere near me…

I thought their steak, egg, and coffee dish was pretty unique.  They served the steak over an egg with a large scoop of coffee gelato next to it.  Apparently it was amazing.  What really caught my eye though was their sausage and pancakes. Did someone say pancakes??  They served up sausage gelato (ew?) with pancakes.  I’m sure to all those who enjoy sausage, that dish is probably delicious.  And according to all those who tried it on the show, it was ‘outrageous‘.

Since I don’t eat sausage, I just had to re-create it and make my own version.

Kris’ ‘Outrageous’ Waffles

Note to self: Don’t use frozen strawberries as topping in the future.  It doesn’t make for a good photo.

Regardless of the frozen strawberries, these were ahmazing.  I loved the coolness and creaminess of the ‘gelato’ with the piping hot waffle.  Such a good and tasty contrast.


I’m currently debating going to the Byron Nelson (sergio’s in the lead!) or staying home and getting my first paper done/going for my usual Saturday run.  My assignment is due tomorrow night, but I won’t have time to do it tonight or tomorrow afternoon/evening.  I might just have to stay home…gahh.  Let’s hope I can get in work mode this afternoon and bang out that paper.