My First WIAW

As I mentioned earlier today, I’ve decided to partake in the WIAW fun ūüôā

This morning started out with a date in between my PiYo and Cardio Strength classes. ¬†No, not THAT kind of date…this kinda date

Dates are my energy booster and they never fail me. ¬†Especially when they’re stuffed with some sort of nut butter.

After gym-time I went home for my real breakfast…

The usual…except this time it was ALL oatbran – 1/3 cup to be exact. ¬†Topped off with almond butter & jelly and¬†a sprinkle of summers finest…Raspberries. ¬†I’ve been in a raspberry kinda mood lately.

I felt today was a special day being my first WIAW so I finished up breakfast with some cafe con leche unsweetened almond milk with 1 drop of liquid vanilla stevia.

I kept it more along the lines of a half-caf as you may remember what happens to me when I drink fully caffeinated coffee.

Much procrastination and some school stuff later, I made lunch. ¬†Today’s star…Tofu!

Just a quick sear of the firm tofu on both sides in a dry skillet and I was ready to plate up. ¬†On the right we have the more savory sandwich…ezeikel tortilla spread with cedars all natural sundried tomato & basil hommus topped with tofu and avocado. ¬†On the left we have the sweeter sandwich…ezeikel toast spread with almond butter, tofu, and crofter’s strawberry jelly (a la Jess – minus the bbq sauce). ¬†Both were delicious and I couldn’t decide which I liked more.

***I love this particular hummus because it’s tasty, oil free, and lower in calories.

I knoww…calories schmalories. ¬†But i figured if there’s a lower fat content than I can have more of it ūüėõ ***

***Oh, and this was my first time trying Crofters jams¬†and I’ve decided that when it comes to ‘just fruit spreads’ I prefer St. Dalfour***

To complement my jekyll & hyde sweet & savory sandwiches, I had some sweet sweet bell peppers with some more hummus.

And a mini handful of green tea pumpkin seeds.

Some time before dinner some quantities, quite large as a matter of fact, of rainier cherries and watermelon were consumed.

Am I the only strange-ling who prefers the watermelon closest to the rind?…I love sweets and all, but for some reason when it comes to watermelon, I prefer the less sweet parts by the rind.

Finally, it’s dinner time!

Grilled corn, grilled pumpkin, steamed-in-parchment-paper-on-the-grill black cod, cauliflower, and some unpictured brown rice.

I apologize for the unattractive photo. ¬†I was kinda hungry and in a hurry to eat…

Dessert was some more close-to-the-rind watermelon, some homemade kale chips, and a block of of dark chocolate.

Lindt 90%…One of my absolute faves! ¬†My other fave is Godiva 85%.

There!…My first official¬†WIAW¬†¬†ūüôā

I feel like my days, especially during the warmer months, are heavily laced with fruits.  What do you feel like you usually eat the most of everyday?  Or is your diet generally more balanced?



After many dark days, heavy thunderstorms and two tornado sirens last night, the sun has finally decided to come out!  I love rain and all, but too many days just gets a little depressing sometimes.  Luckily my area missed out on all the golfball to softball sized hail.  Both the cities north and south of me got the worst of the storm and we were able to get by with just some massive down pours and extensive lightning.  The sound of rain (minus the lightning) makes for a good nights sleep though.

After a solid 6.5 hours of sleep, I was up and at it. ¬†I went to my Wednesday PiYo class followed by my favorite class, cardio sculpt. ¬†After sweating it out, it was time for breakfast (my favorite time of the day, as you all know ūüôā ). ¬†I kept it fairly simple today with just an Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla topped with cashew butter, bananas, and healthy sprinkle of chia. ¬†On the side I had a mixed fruit bowl consisting of pineapple (all the way from hawaii!-from my awesome mama ūüôā ), watermelon, blueberries, papaya, and the last of my cottage cheese.

This was my first time trying the Ezekiel tortillas. ¬†I figured since I love the bread so much there would be no way I wouldn’t like the tortilla. ¬†And right I was! ¬†I particularly love the slight chew of these tortillas. ¬†Gives my teeth some exercise.

When I purchased these tortillas yesterday I also restocked my stash of Barbara’s goodies…Snakimals and peanut butter puffins. ¬†I’m already a good quarter or third of the way through the box of puffins and just from last night. I have a weakness for cereal at night. ¬†It just tastes so much better in the evening than it does for breakfast. ¬†Or am I the only one who thinks that?

Today’s plan: schooling…and then dinner at Houston’s for my sister’s 18th birthday! ¬†I’m ready for the¬†2nd part of todays plan. ¬†Not so much the first. ¬†I hope your day is just as sunny as mine…Have a great one!