The Darker Stuff

Break time!  I’m taking a small break from my 12 page paper about Intuit Technology.  I probably started boring you the moment I said 12 page paper.  On to the more interesting stuff…or should I say the darker stuff.  I’m talking Stoneyfield’s Organic After Dark Chocolate – Nonfat Frozen Yogurt.  

It’s definitely not something I eat often, but when I do, its just plain hard to stop.  Hence, the reason why I don’t eat it very often.  Believe me when I say no one is paying me to review this.  Its just that good.  It’s a good creamy consistency and plenty chocolaty.  Plus it has live active cultures in it since its frozen yogurt.

So its practically good for you!  Not.  But a little frozen yogurt every once in a while never hurt anyone.

Can you tell I love cold treats? Skinny cows for breakfast, impulse buys at the grocery store, smoothies 24/7, and the list goes on…

As much as I don’t want to, I need to get back to my paper.  Or maybe I’ll just call it quits for the night and just go to bed.  I need rest if I want my brain to function and I need my brain to function in order to finish this paper.  Yeah, I’m going to go with that ;).  Night oaties!