Happy Earth day!

In honor of earth day today, I’ve gone green!  Well I usually try to live as green as possible to benefit our environment, but today I took it one step further and added extra greens to my meals.  I had 3 beets that needed to be used so I roasted two of them and saved one for my afternoon snack.  Did you know that the stem and leaves that come on the beets can be used as well?  I incorporated the leaves into my lunch.

For lunch I had en egg white open-faced omlette with some flaked salmon, beet greens, and a massive amount of spinach.  I call it ‘open-faced’ because its not quite a scramble but not quite an omlette either.  I just pour in the egg whites, let it set for about 30 seconds, then start adding my toppings.  Once everything is added, cover the pan and let everything steam for about 5 mins and lunch is ready! Well, after I added a couple sprinkles of sriracha hot sauce.  Delish!

I finished off my lunch with a nice firm pear and called it a meal.  A couple hours later, as expected, I was starting to get hungry again, which is where my 3rd beet came into play.  I blended half a raw beet with a couple frozen strawberries, a handful of blueberries and spinich, and voila! my snack was born.


Now i’m off to try a new restaurant, Hibiscus, for my friends birthday!  Have a happy GOOD friday!!