Almond love

After a day of fun in the sun yesterday, it was time back to the normal grind…which today, was my dreaded operations management assignment.

Of course I didn’t start until I got my brain warmed up a bit with a nice hearty breakfast.

On the menu this morning: Oats

A nice big bowl topped with cooked apples and some homemade cashew butter.

I haven’t had oats in a very long time and this particular bowl was extra delicious.

I worked through the morning with a couple visits to the freezer where all the leftover 5 ingredient crispies I had made for yesterdays boat trip were hanging out.

Since I had made two batches and there was way too much food on that boat, there were quite a few leftover crispies. No worries though…just means more for me 🙂

Batch 1, I had made with cashew butter and batch 2 was made with crunchy barney butter. I love cashew, but the crunch of the almonds from the barney butter definitely gave those crispies a little extra somethin’ somthin’ which made them my instant favorite.

You know what else almonds gives a little extra somethin’ somthin’ to?

Black bean almond milk (and now that I think about it, just about everything else…)

Remember that batch of black bean milk I made about a week ago? I also blended up a black bean almond version recently, which I enjoyed even more.

I pretty much followed the same process as last time, except this time my 1/2 cup of soaked beans had been cooked for 20 mins in 2 cups of water.

After cooking them I had stored them in the refrigerator, along with the liquid, for a couple days until I decided to use them.

Black beans

Plus 1/2 cup roasted almonds & 4-6 cups of water

were placed in a blender with the strainer attachment.

(4-6 cups of water because it depends on whether you like it thick and creamy or more smooth and diluted)

2-5 mins in the blender and the black bean almond milk was ready!

Roasted almonds are key here! austiNuts has some of the best roasted almonds I’ve had and I think it’s really what gave the black bean milk its extra special taste.

I’ve got a couple other delicious almond treats up my sleeve, but that’s for another day 🙂

Any almond fans out there?



My meals the past day and a half couldn’t be further from exciting.

This is about as electrifying as they’ve been.

Natures Path cereal with blueberries and chocolate almond milk.

It’s also partly due to the fact that my fridge is entirely empty and I’ve just about finished all the opened packages in the pantry.

I’m foodless.

But it’s okay because I’m leaving town today anyways.

I’m still in the process of cleaning up, finishing up some school stuff, and running last minute errands, but at least my suitcase went from empty to this!

Yeah, my box of cereal took up half my suitcase.

It’s okay though 🙂 I’m willing to sacrifice an outfit or two for some cereal.

I’ve also been working on my multi-tasking skills.  Last night I participated in an online class discussion while making cashew butter to take with me on my trip.

I may’ve been busy, but you bet I’ll make time to process some cashews! Plus it was super easy.  I just poured 1.5 cups of cashews into my food processor and turned it on.  While it was transforming itself in to creamy deliciousness, I participated in my class discussion. It was a win-win.

Now I’m off to finish up some last minute things before heading to the airport!