Açaí bowl

It’s no secret that my favorite appliance in my kitchen is my beloved vita-mix.  Yesterdays snack was an easy peasy and deliciously cold and creamy açaí bowl.  Açaí bowls are one of my all time favorite summer-time snacks/breakfasts, especially during the summer months when I’m in Hawaii.  But when I’m not in Hawaii, I like to make my own versions…

An easy snack bowl full of antioxidants, heart healthy omegas, and fiber!   (Açaí has double the amount of antioxidants blueberries have!)

I just blended a packet of unsweetened acai with half a frozen banana, a couple frozen strawberries and blueberries, splash of unsweetened almond milk, dollop of greek yogurt (for added protein), and a few ice cubes.  I topped it with a couple banana slices, granola, and a drizzle of honey.  Usually I’ll add fresh berries on top as well, but I unfortunately didn’t have any 😦 .

Since I’m sharing my #1 fave appliance I thought I might as well share my 2nd favorite.  My rice cooker is the 2nd most used gadget in my kitchen.  A lot of times people think of it as something that is only used to cook rice, but you can cook SO many other things in it…even brownies!

One of my favorite things to cook in my rice cooker is my brown rice pudding.  So adaptable to whatever flavors I’m feeling that day and can easily be breakfast or dessert.  It’s just as good warm, straight out of the cooker, as it is cold, straight out of the fridge.

Another favorite of mine is steel-cut oats.  They take WAY too long to cook in the morning (can you tell I’m a patient person? 😉 ) so I like to set up the timer on my cooker the night before and when I wake up I have freshly cooked oats waiting for me to top away and dig in!

Do you have a favorite appliance?  If so, what is your favorite thing to cook/make in it?