Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

A big thank you to our lovely hostess with the mostest, Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for making this happen!

Peas and Crayons

I’m not really sure what happened between my 1st WIAW post and this one, my second. But I’m sure glad to be joining in on all the fun again 🙂



{NOT SO MUCH} Chocolate Muffin Top

I know, I know. What the heck is that?? Apparently it’s not a muffin top. But it’s delicious.


Chocolate Nectarine Protein Smoothie

 Blended up a serving of chocolate protein powder with some frozen nectarines, 9 ice cubes, and 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk. You’d be surprised how well chocolate and nectarine go together.

Rounded out with a big mug of toasted green tea.


Chocolate Protein Muffin

I am loving this book btw!


A {veggie} burger the size of my head!

Almost. It was more along the lines of the size of my glass of iced green tea.

SO good! and messy…

Ezekiel sprouted english muffin, Amy’s Texas Veggie Burger, lettuce, basil pesto, heirloom tomato, & egg white.

Lunch Dessert:

Golden Kiwis

Which I totally owned.

I’ll be sad when they’re out of season.


Came together rather quickly tonight.

As much as I would have been content with (and really wanted to have) just a bowl of cereal, I figured I should probably eat some sort of vegetable.

I had picked up some ginger-orange beets and roasted balsamic tofu from whole foods a little earlier so I just added some cucumbers from home along with another Amy’s Texas Veggie Burger and called it dinner.

These Amy’s Texas Veggie burgers are amazing! I’ve gone through the whole box (four burgers total) in just two days. And I’ve already bought another box. New favorite 🙂

Dinner Dessert:

Sweet Yellow Nectarine

I’ll be sad when these are out of season too.

I’ve been eyeing a new box of blueberry muffin tops I have sitting in my freezer so that’ll most likely be dessert #2 😛

How long does it usually take for you to prepare a meal? – I haven’t been putting too much effort lately and been taking under 10 mins for all my meals which is actually a bit surprising to me since they’re all pretty tasty.

What’s the best thing you ate Wednesday?  – Those Amy’s Texas burgers for sure! They’re bbq flavor and so perfect for summer.

What summer fruits will you miss the most?


My First WIAW

As I mentioned earlier today, I’ve decided to partake in the WIAW fun 🙂

This morning started out with a date in between my PiYo and Cardio Strength classes.  No, not THAT kind of date…this kinda date

Dates are my energy booster and they never fail me.  Especially when they’re stuffed with some sort of nut butter.

After gym-time I went home for my real breakfast…

The usual…except this time it was ALL oatbran – 1/3 cup to be exact.  Topped off with almond butter & jelly and a sprinkle of summers finest…Raspberries.  I’ve been in a raspberry kinda mood lately.

I felt today was a special day being my first WIAW so I finished up breakfast with some cafe con leche unsweetened almond milk with 1 drop of liquid vanilla stevia.

I kept it more along the lines of a half-caf as you may remember what happens to me when I drink fully caffeinated coffee.

Much procrastination and some school stuff later, I made lunch.  Today’s star…Tofu!

Just a quick sear of the firm tofu on both sides in a dry skillet and I was ready to plate up.  On the right we have the more savory sandwich…ezeikel tortilla spread with cedars all natural sundried tomato & basil hommus topped with tofu and avocado.  On the left we have the sweeter sandwich…ezeikel toast spread with almond butter, tofu, and crofter’s strawberry jelly (a la Jess – minus the bbq sauce).  Both were delicious and I couldn’t decide which I liked more.

***I love this particular hummus because it’s tasty, oil free, and lower in calories.

I knoww…calories schmalories.  But i figured if there’s a lower fat content than I can have more of it 😛 ***

***Oh, and this was my first time trying Crofters jams and I’ve decided that when it comes to ‘just fruit spreads’ I prefer St. Dalfour***

To complement my jekyll & hyde sweet & savory sandwiches, I had some sweet sweet bell peppers with some more hummus.

And a mini handful of green tea pumpkin seeds.

Some time before dinner some quantities, quite large as a matter of fact, of rainier cherries and watermelon were consumed.

Am I the only strange-ling who prefers the watermelon closest to the rind?…I love sweets and all, but for some reason when it comes to watermelon, I prefer the less sweet parts by the rind.

Finally, it’s dinner time!

Grilled corn, grilled pumpkin, steamed-in-parchment-paper-on-the-grill black cod, cauliflower, and some unpictured brown rice.

I apologize for the unattractive photo.  I was kinda hungry and in a hurry to eat…

Dessert was some more close-to-the-rind watermelon, some homemade kale chips, and a block of of dark chocolate.

Lindt 90%…One of my absolute faves!  My other fave is Godiva 85%.

There!…My first official WIAW  🙂

I feel like my days, especially during the warmer months, are heavily laced with fruits.  What do you feel like you usually eat the most of everyday?  Or is your diet generally more balanced?


I’ve been seeing WIAW making its way through many blogs lately and I don’t want to miss out on the fun 🙂

I’ll be back later today to give a full recap of …

But first I gotta eat! 🙂