I’ve Moved!

I have some exciting news!

Everyday Oats has moved!

You can now find me over at my new addy:


Don’t worry, it’s not too far from my old address 😉

I think everything should have transferred smoothly, but if you see any glitches or problems please let me know!

Thank you for all your visits and I hope you’ll like my new place!! 🙂


Summer Loves

Happy first day of summer!

It’s definitely been summery here in TX for a while now, especially weather-wise, but I’m still excited its the first day of summer!

Summer, to me, means a lot of:

pool time

refreshingly sweet fruits

hikes & outdoor fun

ice-cold smoothies

longer days & later sunsets

iced coffees

and dinners from the grill

What do you love most about summer? 🙂


I know I said I would be back today with part two of my Grab and Go Breakfasts series, but I’m in over my head with all of this…

Sometimes life just gets in the way…

Be back tomorrow!


Can I please have two Sundays?

I’m just not ready for Monday yet.

I don’t know how this happened, but I’ve somehow taken on too much and can’t get myself organized.  Sorry I don’t have a true post, but I’d like to share a couple oddities I encountered today.

You’d think these tomatoes went bad or something, but nope, that’s the their true color.

They’re called Kumatoes and are a chocolate-brown hue.  Mighty tasty too, I’d like to add.

And secondly, meet my newest friend!!…(he may be a little hard to see, look towards the middle left.  He’s that green thing)

I guess it was too hot and he needed a ride today.

Hope everyone’s having a fun-filled weekend!  I was so envious of all the kids I saw at the park this morning picnicking and just relaxing and enjoying their summer vaca.  I’m already ready for next weekend!

Have you had a Kumato? This was my first time!  I’m a newbie 🙂

Dearest Sunday

Dearest Sunday,

I know I sometimes don’t appreciate you enough because you’re the day that comes before the dreaded Monday, but seriously…you really cannot come any quicker for me this week…I really need you.  All this paper writing is taking a serious toll on me and I’m ready for my summer.  If you could so kindly drop by that would be wonderful.


Your biggest fan (this week ;))

today is the day!

After many many days of contemplating starting a blog, I’ve finally decided today is definitely the day!

Welcome to my blog about my adventures through life as I try to live a healthy and active lifestyle, while also trying to encourage those around me that they can do the same.