Flashbacks: SINGAPORE – Part 2

Our last day in Singapore was spent visiting Sentosa, a small island with attractions, beaches, and resorts. Universal studios is also located there. We just had a quick visit though since it was hot out and we also needed to get back to the hotel by 1pm to check out.

After checking out of our hotel we had lunch nearby and then paid one last visit to Newton food centre for some white radish cakes, black radish cakes (pictured below), fried oyster, and dessert. I was already full from our first lunch, but i still managed to have a little taste of almost everything including the soursop ice, which was soo good!

Grass Jelly Ice

Soursop Ice

I even found the red bull thats not available in the United States! Apparently the caffeine content is too high and since we all know I have my issues with caffeine, I didn’t try any.

After my two lunches, we finally headed to the airport. Since we had some time to spare I stopped to buy a loaf of one of my favorite sweet treats I mentioned 2 days ago.

Remember this package?

This is what was inside!

Kueh Lapis – a labor intensive layered cake that is baked layer upon layer until golden brown.

Just look at all those deliciously sweet layers.

After my excited-ness in finding the cake partially wore off, I stopped in at the airports butterfly garden.

I think every airport needs a butterfly garden. It was awesome!

And now I’ll leave you with one last Singapore tidbit…Did you know that gum is prohibited in singapore? They don’t sell it at all and you’re not allowed to bring it in either. No wonder their streets are so incredibly clean!


Flashbacks: SINGAPORE – Part 1

My time in Singapore was quite brief and I only spent a total of 1 full day there. We got there late Wednesday evening, but we still managed to walk over to the Newton Food Centre.

The later it is the more lively these hawker centers become. Hawker centers are just very casual outdoor food courts with all sorts of local foods where people gather late at night to eat.

A few of our eats, served in in some fine china plastic plates. As classy as outdoor eating gets 😉


Fresh Coconut Juice

Fried oysters

Stir-fried Noodles

The next day we met up with my aunt and uncle for lunch at another food plaza. I don’t think I’ve been any place with more food centers and food courts than Singapore. It’s seriously food galore here.


Coconut Cake

After lunch we went to look around Sands Resort and Casino. It was massive and there’s even a sky deck on the roof (that ship-shaped looking thing at the very top) where you can swim and view the city.

Connected to the hotel is a large mall with high-end shops, a movie theater, museum, and more. I’m pretty sure this hotel is larger than some cities. It’s so big I could spend a couple days here without ever having to set foot outside.

A handful of celebrity chefs have also opened their restaurants here.

Wolfgang Puck’s Cut

Daniel Boulud’s Bistro Moderne

Mario Batali’s Mozza

After browsing the mall we headed over to the art science museum where they were featuring a Dali exhibit this month. My sister, the art-lover, loved it!

After the museum we just headed to dinner and called it a day.

I’ll be back tomorrow with part two of my singapore flashbacks, where I visited one of the many attractions at the Singapore airport that I had mentioned reading about on my way to the Maldives.

Have a lovely Saturday! 🙂