Is what time I went to bed last night, er, rather this morning.  So this am required a cuppa this.

Half-caf of course.

Followed by a quick breakfast I threw together in a matter of mins.

Cereal re-mixx. A little bit of everything.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I dub today Serious Sunday.


I wanted to touch briefly on the recent E. Coli outbreak in Europe.  Has anyone been following the latest events? They death toll is up to 22. It’s some truly scary stuff!

I know it’s in Europe for the most part, but it got me thinking about how clean our fruits and veggies really are.  I’ve always been a bit skeptical about salad bars (even whole foods!) and how clean their foods really are because if you think about it…once veggies and fruits are washed, they don’t last long and rot very easily.  And when we go out to restaurants, I doubt any of those fruits or veggies are EVER washed.

What are your thoughts about the e. coli outbreak or outbreaks in general?

What’s your take on fruit+veggies?  Wash it or you don’t really care?  I wash.  Call me crazy (my family certainly does!), but sometimes I even wash those greens in the salad boxes that say they’ve been triple washed.