Getting that Protein

Afternoooon Oaties!

I had some difficulties getting up this morning, but once I was up, its been good.  I missed my PiYo class this morning because I just could not get myself out of bed.  But I did manage to make it to my cardio strength class (one of my favorites!)  and break a great sweat.

I’ve been digging my carb-y breakfasts lately so today’s carb was…a sprouted bagel!  Half a sprouted bagel to be exact.  Topped with my homemade cashew butter, some low fat cottage cheese (for protein!) and a couple banana slices.  I know it sounds a bit odd with the cottage cheese in there, but it all actually went together pretty well.  It was sweet with a hint of savory from the cottage cheese.

My bagel with a nice large TD Ameritrade (my brother works there – hence the cup) cup of joe.

While eating breakfast I came across a pretty interesting article of 5 ways in motivate our metabolism.  I don’t know how effective they really are, but these tips are good for our health anyways (minus the drinking cold water– I don’t think that one is too good for our health, especially in the morning).  These are all very simple tid-bits that we can all easily incorporate into our daily activities like standing up more often when we are sitting down for long periods of time, or trying to get to bed earlier each night.  I think the one I have the most difficulty doing is getting enough protein.  Women should be getting between 0.54 and 1 gram protein per pound of body weight.  I know I definitely don’t get that much in every day.

Since I didn’t make it to my PiYo class this morning I’m heading to the gym again in a bit with my sister to go through her workout.  She has a special workout for her golfing so we’ll be working doing lots of core and flexibility with some strength and legs exercises thrown in as well.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate your daily protein intakes?  I usually try to get a larger intake at breakfast (smoothies and pancakes) after I just finished working out so that I can repair/build my muscles.