Productivity and Protein

Today was full of reviewing learning, finishing my last paper(!), and protein.

It pretty much started with a question…

What does one do when one is forgetful and forgot to put the ice bucket back into the freezer last night?

Go to the nearest coffee shop of course!

Starbucks just happens to be my nearest coffee shop so thats where I stopped by after the gym this morning. Actually, I didn’t exactly stop in since this particular Starbucks has a drive-thru. More like drove by. Laziness to the max? Yeah, I think so.

I couldn’t exactly just drive by and ask for a cup of ice now could I?…so I ordered myself a nice large cup of iced coffee. Something I haven’t had in a while.

Along with my iced coffee, I got my large cup of ice.

So why did I want this ice so badly? – I’ve been wanting to make a cold protein shake/smoothie for a couple days now and since I keep forgetting to put the container back in the freezer to actually make ice, I’ve had to resort to semi-cold chocolate milk. It’s good, but just not as good as it would be with ice. Especially in this heat.

Since I had a huge cup of coffee, and there was no way I could stomach both a protein smoothie and 20 ounces of coffee, I figured I may as well use it as my liquid.

So in went 1.5 cups of iced coffee, 1 serving of chocolate protein powdera couple glugs of unsweetened almond milk, and about 2/3’s of my venti cup of ice.

The outcome?

I poured it into the previously ice filled Starbucks cup and it actually almost looks like a Starbucks frappe. I either put way too much liquid in or not enough protein powder, so it ended up tasting just like what I would think a Starbucks coffee frappe would taste like. yum 🙂

I think the coffee I added in that ‘protein frappe’ may have given me some super concentration powers or something because I plowed through my paper like no other. Three cheers for coffee!

Shortly after it was lunch time and I found out that not only do I not have ice in this house, I have no food. Well, there’s some food, but the majority of it is expired.

After some scrounging around I finally came up with soba noodles, silken tofu, and eggs. Um…protein in a bowl? I think by that time, my stomach was ready to eat just about anything in a bowl.

Layer 1 – Soba Noodles:

Soba noodles pack quite the protein punch. Surprising, yeah?

Layer 2 – tofu:

I don’t think silken tofu is meant to be sliced. I couldn’t even pick move it to the bowl without it breaking on me.

Layer 3 – 1.5 eggs:

Basically just 1 egg + 1 egg white sprinkled with cayenne pepper.

A nice sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds.

Plus some chopped basil. (I LOVE (!!!) the smell of basil)

All mixed up with a little more toasted sesame seeds and cayenne pepper.

(Not to be gross or anything but…Don’t stare at the photo too long or else the noodles start looking like worms – don’t say I didn’t warn ya! 😉  )

I don’t think I’ve had such a protein packed lunch in a long time. It was actually so filling I never finished it. I ate all the other layers, but left some of the soba.

Right before dinner I had another protein bowl. Just a mini one though.

cottage cheese + a generous sprinkle of cinnamon + operations management notes

I wonder if protein has anything to do with productivity because I was certainly able to concentrate a lot better today than the previous days. Protein = full = satisfied = more concentration on work & less concentration on hunger pangs?

Or it could have been the fact that I finally got into study mode.

I think my brains reached capacity for the day so it’s time to crash and start new tomorrow.

Night! 🙂






13 Comments on “Productivity and Protein”

  1. I was just hit with this sudden and intense craving for a Starbucks’ frapp… wonder where that could have come from 😉 I love days where I feel super productive, or where I’m able to knock through homework/work like nobody’s business. I have no idea whether more protein plays a part, but I guess it couldn’t hurt, right? 😀 I was never one to be too concerned about my protein intake, but since I’ve started lifting more, I try to get more protein in as well, and I definitely notice a difference. That being said, sometimes a really high protein meal fails to fill me up, especially when I’m craving something more carby. The body is a goofy thing. I wish it would just make up it’s mind 🙄

  2. Sweet Cheeks says:

    new reader here! Protein is known to keep you alert and prevent those mid-day crashes so I bet that’s where you’re focus came from! Plus, coffee never hurts either.;) Love the protein frappe!!

  3. Lenna (veganlenna) says:

    Cottage cheese with cinnamon used to be my favorite snack! 🙂 And that “frappe” looks so good! You could get a job at Starbucks :))
    I need to eat a lot of protein, because it always fills me up for a longer time than fat or carbs. But I usually combine all three in my meals, that´s the best.

  4. Kalli and Bill says:

    well if protein works for you i say why not? better than some other things that is for sure. glad you got so much done!

  5. Laura says:

    I’ve been having sbucks frapps all the time recently, but yours looks better!
    Protein=power. 🙂 Coffee always makes me more productive and think clearer.

  6. SB iced coffee is a total vice of mine. I end up there every day 😉

  7. […] now that I finally have ice (!), I tried a new [iced] roasted green […]

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