Reality Check

I’ve been feeling rather ‘off’ ever since I returned home two nights ago. It almost feels like I was in an alternate universe the past month and now I’m back in reality.

I’m wondering if it’s because of my lack of sleep, or perhaps the frightening amount of chapters and lectures I need to get through by the end of the week in order to take my finals.

I’m thinking it’s the latter with maybe a sprinkling of the former.

So…what does one do when one returns to so-called reality?

Sort the mail? – nope

Begin studying for finals? – nah

Unpack? – definitely not

Grocery shopping? – YEP!

Thats an important order of business around here 😉

yogurt, cottage cheese, raspberries, and a 16 oz un-pictured container of giant blueberries

I never thought I’d actually miss having yogurt and cottage cheese.

rice cakes, Mr. Wheat apple cinnamon crispy wheat, chocolate almond milk, cereal x’s 2

I’m hoping that crispy brown rice makes for a crispier 5 ingredient crispy.

 and two staples – almond milk and bananas

After I took care of my first order of business, I finally moved on to the others, and while I was sorting through the mail, I found this beauty addressed to me.

These pita crisps are SO good. They’re equally as addicting as the cinnamon apple Mr. Wheat crispy wheat I just bought. I ate my way through about half of each yesterday afternoon and was more than happy they spoiled my appetite for dinner. Yep, I enjoyed them that much.

Then I crashed by 10pm. Thank you jet lag.

This morning I met up with this gal at a nature preserve to catch up while also working up a sweat.

It was nice to kinda feel like we weren’t in the city for a bit as we walked and hiked 7 miles between lush trees and tall grass.

But once again I was back to reality afterwards as it was time to face those books.

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday 🙂

What’s the first thing you do when you come home from a trip?


10 Comments on “Reality Check”

  1. haha this post is so cute!!
    Same here, too. I know I gotta start studying for my final, but somehow I have Grocery Shopping further up on my To-do list. Well, you gotta live first, right?

  2. Lol! Grocery shopping would definitely be the first thing I’d do, as well. Girl’s gotta eat! Besides… no food means no energy to do all the other annoying stuff that has to get done 😉 Good luck with settling back in, though! I know it’s always hard to fall back into the swing of things, especially when suffering with jet lag… but if you blame a 10 PM bedtime on jet lag, then I must be laggin’ all the time, because I barely ever stay up past 10 lol.

    • kris says:

      right! – need that energy to get everything else done 😉
      thanks 🙂 Oh, I wish I could normally be in bed around 10(!), but somehow when I actually get into my bed it ends up being midnight..

  3. We buy a lot of the same food! Isn’t that cottage cheese amazing?

  4. Siggis!!!!! Good luck on finishing up with all your studies for your finals! I’d probably do the same thing! I’m such a procrastinator! Anytime I get back from a trip, it takes me WEEKS to unpack and do laundry. I have a habit of “taking things out of the suitcase as I need them”! Haha!

  5. Lenna (veganlenna) says:

    Grocery shopping is definitely the most important thing to do!! What would I do without a proper meal?! 🙂 And you bought a really good supply of groceries 🙂 Welcome back home!

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