Almond love

After a day of fun in the sun yesterday, it was time back to the normal grind…which today, was my dreaded operations management assignment.

Of course I didn’t start until I got my brain warmed up a bit with a nice hearty breakfast.

On the menu this morning: Oats

A nice big bowl topped with cooked apples and some homemade cashew butter.

I haven’t had oats in a very long time and this particular bowl was extra delicious.

I worked through the morning with a couple visits to the freezer where all the leftover 5 ingredient crispies I had made for yesterdays boat trip were hanging out.

Since I had made two batches and there was way too much food on that boat, there were quite a few leftover crispies. No worries though…just means more for me 🙂

Batch 1, I had made with cashew butter and batch 2 was made with crunchy barney butter. I love cashew, but the crunch of the almonds from the barney butter definitely gave those crispies a little extra somethin’ somthin’ which made them my instant favorite.

You know what else almonds gives a little extra somethin’ somthin’ to?

Black bean almond milk (and now that I think about it, just about everything else…)

Remember that batch of black bean milk I made about a week ago? I also blended up a black bean almond version recently, which I enjoyed even more.

I pretty much followed the same process as last time, except this time my 1/2 cup of soaked beans had been cooked for 20 mins in 2 cups of water.

After cooking them I had stored them in the refrigerator, along with the liquid, for a couple days until I decided to use them.

Black beans

Plus 1/2 cup roasted almonds & 4-6 cups of water

were placed in a blender with the strainer attachment.

(4-6 cups of water because it depends on whether you like it thick and creamy or more smooth and diluted)

2-5 mins in the blender and the black bean almond milk was ready!

Roasted almonds are key here! austiNuts has some of the best roasted almonds I’ve had and I think it’s really what gave the black bean milk its extra special taste.

I’ve got a couple other delicious almond treats up my sleeve, but that’s for another day 🙂

Any almond fans out there?


12 Comments on “Almond love”

  1. Almonds are my favorite nut 😀 But that’s mostly because of almond butter… they’re okay to snack on as is, but I much prefer them in the form of butter. Funny story… I didn’t actually start eating nuts until I was 24. I have an allergy to peanuts, and my parents raised me to think that it was an allergy to ALL nuts so that I wouldn’t get confused when I was younger, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned I could eat almonds lol. Best day of my life 😉

    • kris says:

      Hahah. Almond butter is amazing 🙂 Sorry to hear you’re allergic to peanuts… 😦 I can only imagine how difficult it is when it comes to avoiding them. But it’s a good thing you can still eat almonds! Technically I think they’re the better nut 😉

  2. Anna says:

    I’m a little bit scared of the sound of black bean almond milk… but I think that means I need to try it asap, haha. I love almond milk, and I love black beans – what could go wrong?

    • kris says:

      haha the name of it is a little intimidating since we mostly eat them in savory dishes, but I promise its good! Especially mixed with almonds 🙂

  3. Lenna (veganlenna) says:

    I love almonds, they are my fave nuts (and the most often eaten :). Your oatmeal creation looks delicious! Good job girl 🙂

  4. The Teenage Taste says:

    I love almonds. Roasted salted almonds are my favorite! 🙂

  5. I’m an almond fanatic. The raw kind are my favorite, but sometimes I get the roasted because they do have a bit more flavor. Your oatmeal looks soooo good – think i might have to have that for breakfast tomorrow…

  6. Hi!! wow this looks like an awesome recipe! I actually cooked some black beans few days ago, and after making some burger, froze a cup in my freezer. Seems like I have a good way to use it! I guess you can use the curd like you make tofu and such?

    • kris says:

      Hi and thanks, Stephanie 🙂 I’m not sure how to use the curd, but that definitely sounds interesting! I’d love to hear more about it!

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