Black Bean Milk

Since I got back from Singapore and the Maldives, it’s been raining everyday here in Hong Kong.

As much as I love the rain, I’m kind of hoping it lets up soon since I have to walk outdoors in order to get places. But in the meantime I’m taking the rain as a sign to spend more time in the kitchen.

I haven’t really done much cooking or baking since I’ve been in Hong Kong. Wait, who am I kidding. I’ve barely set foot in the kitchen, aside from last nights steamed dinner, since I arrived here.

Here are two reasons why:

1) There’s too much tasty and easily accessible food throughout Hong Kong. Restaurants, hole in the wall restaurants, street vendors, bakeries, you name it, Hong Kong’s got it. And EVERYWHERE. I like to consider myself a health-concious person, and I still try to make the best possible food choice when dining out, but I still think I may have fallen off the healthy wagon a bit since I got here. Its time to get back on it!

2) Kitchen space here is limited. Actually, all space is limited in Hong Kong. People can live in teeny-tiny apartments. And I’m talking 100 sq ft apartments. Thats tiny, people!

This is my kitchen here. I’m pretty sure it fits a maximum of 3 adults.

It’s tiny compared to the one I have at home (which is about average in size), but I guess I shouldn’t be complaining after I just mentioned that people live in 100 sq ft apartments.

So, in an effort to get back on the healthy-wagon and appreciate my ‘large‘ kitchen space, I’ve been cooking blending. Gotta start off with the easy stuff 😉

Actually, it’s more like the ‘necessary’ stuff. Since almond milk costs an arm and a leg here, well mostly just an arm, I’ve decided it’s easiest to just make my own milk.


Black Turtle Beans, better known as black beans to most people (including me).

They’re also called black soyabeans here, but they’re really just black beans of some sort. I’ve seen a lot of people refer to them as cuban black beans.

 1 cup of dry black beans soaked in water

Soaked for 7-8 hours or overnight

Drain and rinse the beans

1/2 cup black beans + 2 cups water

I know I soaked 1 cup of beans, but I prefer to make smaller batches each time so I just used 1/2 a cup of beans and refrigerated the other ones for my next batch.

Blend until smooth. About 2-5 mins depending on the blender.

I prefer my milk unsweetened, but if you prefer it sweet, now is the time to add in your sweetener of choice so that it gets thoroughly mixed in…agave, honey, sugar, stevia, anything you like.

Sieve the blended milk through cheesecloth into a pot

Usually I would use a cheese cloth to wring out all the liquid (milk), but since I have no cheese cloth and my blender here has a filter attachment I just used that instead. It doesn’t work as well, but it still traps the remaining pulp.

Pour the sieved liquid into a pot and bring to a slow boil. Once it boils, turn off the heat.

There may be some foam on the top, but no worries, I just scooped it out before pouring the milk into a pitcher.

And there you have it…Black bean milk!

Be sure to store it in the fridge. I’m guessing it should last at least a week, but since I only made it two days ago, I’m not too sure.

I’m not sure what to compare the taste to, but I guess I’d say its most similar to soy milk. A little creamier though.

So far I’ve had black bean milk in my morning cereal mix.

And I’ve mixed it with other milks, 70% black bean milk and 30% soymilk.

I’ve also used it in my protein shake.

1 cup black bean milk, 1/2 packet true vitality chocolate protein powder, 1/3 block silken tofu, 5 frozen cubes of black bean milk, 1/2 frozen banana.

I only used a half packet of protein powder because it’s my last one 😦 Therefore, I added some tofu as extra protein.

I still have 1/2 a cup of soaked beans in my fridge, which I brought to a boil, then simmered for about 15 mins with 1 cup of water after soaking. I plan on blending it with some almonds for a black bean-almond milk once I finish my current pitcher.

Oh, and I forgot to mention…black beans are good for the kidneys 🙂

What’s your favorite kind of milk? – I prefer unsweetened almond milk most of the time, but I also like soy milk.

Do you prefer homemade or store bought milk?  I prefer homemade, but most of the time I’m just too lazy to make it 🙂


15 Comments on “Black Bean Milk”

  1. The kitchen is a perfect place to spend rainy days 😀 Baking is actually one of my favorite things to do when the weather is kinda nasty… it just makes things so warm and cozy. Bliss. And making milk out of black beans is super creative! Never would have thought of it, honestly. But then again… I’ve never made my own milk lol. It’s something that I’d like to do in theory, but I’m just too lazy. The same goes for making my own hummus… I want to, but again… lazy 😉 It’s so much easier to just pick up a carton of my favorite unsweetened vanilla almond milk in the store. And there’s less clean up too!

    • kris says:

      Mine too! – baking is just so relaxing 🙂
      I’m STILL too lazy to make hummus haha. Especially when there’s Pret downstairs where I can just buy a veggie and hummus sandwich. Maybe one day…or not…;)

  2. 100 sq? I can’t even imagine. My apt certainly isn’t big, but that’s a closet! I’ve never tried making almond milk at home, I probably should considering how much I go through. Eh, I think I may just be lazy too 🙂

    • kris says:

      It’s actually a lot easier than I always make it out to be in my mind, but still, I hardly ever do it until I REALLY need too… 🙂 Picking it up at the store is just SO much easier 😉

  3. Romy says:

    I bought some almonds today in preparation for my first attempt at making almond milk. I also have a carton of ready made almond milk but it is so expensive here! As long as my blender doesn’t break during the almond blending I am sure I will be a convert as I don’t drink cows milk or soy 🙂

    I’m definitely going to try your black bean milk recipe too… as soon as I’ve ascertained if my blender can take it. I have kidney weakness so this is good!

    • kris says:

      Where do you live? I think you’ll be successful in making your almond milk 🙂 I’d love to hear how it goes!

      • Romy says:

        I live in London – here almond milk costs about £3.19 a litre, which is about 40 hong kong dollars !(according to the converter) it is really nice though, especially with rice puffs 🙂

  4. I never would have thought to make milk out of beans!! Super clever. I’m so curious as to what it tastes like.

    I love unsweetened almond milk, but hands-down fave was the cashew milk I made. I definitely prefer home-made (store bought has nothing on it taste-wise!!) and went through a huge phase where I made my own non-stop. Now I usually just buy it, though!

    • kris says:

      Oooh cashew milk?? that sounds amazing! I lovee cashews! I’ll definitely have to try that soon! 🙂
      Black bean milk has a bit of a stronger taste than soy milk, but its quite similar. Yesterday I blended the rest of my black beans with 1/2 a cup of almonds and I’m loving it!
      Once i get home, i’m sure I’ll be right back to buying silk unsweetened almond milk from the grocery store 🙂

  5. Lenna (veganlenna) says:

    I have never seen black beans! And your kitchen looks really nice, mine looks like it was attacked by bombs 🙂 In the Czech Republic it´s been raining for the last couple of days as well. I love rain, but now I am really longing for some sunshine 🙂
    I like hazelnut and quinoa milk.

    • kris says:

      haha thanks 🙂 It’s because I’m rarely in it 😉 Hazelnut and quinoa milk sounds delicious! How do you make it?
      I hope the sun comes out soooon!

  6. […] with a fun strength workout followed up with an all-in-one type breakfast. I wanted to drink a chocolate protein shake, but I also wanted oats, and there was no way I could eat both a bowl of oats AND a large protein […]

  7. […] that batch of black bean milk I made about a week ago? I also blended up a black bean almond version recently, which I enjoyed […]

  8. I_Fortuna says:

    We have to be careful what we make our milk from because of diabetes. The bean milk seem to be the best. Right now i am making soy bean milk. On my list so far is your recipe for Black bean milk, mung bean, garbanzo bean, and several heirloom beans from a Native American site that also carries seeds. Here is their link:
    Milk made from beans is great. I also make oat milk using live miso. I cook the beans first as opposed to cooking the milk. This way I have avoided an overflow of foam that is often seen with cooking the milk. Soy and Lima beans must be cooked to rid them of trypsin which impedes digestibility. In fact, I would cook all my beans before making milk from them.

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