15 hours on almost every mode of transportation – train, 3 airplanes, a boat, and a walk through a jungle -and I’m in the MALDIVES!

I started my journey at about 1pm Hong Kong time yesterday afternoon (Friday) and am just now getting into my water bungalow (hotel room) at 3am resort time, 1 hr ahead of Male time here in the Maldives.

At 1pm yesterday I headed to the airport via train. 2 stops later I was at the airport where I boarded the largest plane I’ve ever been on. I think it just might be the largest commercial plane out there, or at leas thats what my brother told me. I was in row 79 on the second floor!  This was my first time flying Singapore airlines and I have to say it was a great experience.

It took about 4 hours to get from Hong Kong to Singapore. I haven’t been to Singapore since I was about 9 or 10 and the airport was amazing! Super clean and so much for you to do. You can do just about anything from spa time, or gym time to playing their free xbox set up to wandering their many beautiful gardens.  They even have a butterfly garden! It wasn’t near our terminal though and since our layover was about 20 mins I only got to pass by their orchid garden which was so pretty.


The plane from Singpore to Male, Maldives was slightly smaller (just one floor) and had a total flying time of just under 4 hours. Singapore airlines offers the widest array of inflight entertainment I’ve ever seen on a plane. Movies, tv shows, games, music…you can even learn a language.

My lens fogged up when I got off the plane hence the terrible photo.

Anyways, we finally made it to the Maldives, but our journey was not over yet. We got on an even smaller plane to fly to another island.

It took about 45 mins and luckily it was a smooth flight. I’m guessing some of the prior flights were not so smooth since the plane smelled like vomit.

After our third plane ride we took a 25 min speed boat ride to our final destination.

I knew the Maldives was remote, but I didn’t realize it was THIS remote.

It’s a little past 6am Hong Kong time now and I’m pooped. I’m going to bed and will be back tomorrow with photos of this place. It’s pitch black out so I’m still not sure what everything looks like.

Sweet [and hopefully bug-free] dreams 🙂


Crossing my fingers it’s sunny tomorrow!


13 Comments on “Maldives”

  1. Holy cow…now that’s a lotta travel time!! Not sure I could deal with that…though I will say the airplane sounds pretty sweet. I didn’t even know they made two-level airplanes?! Crazy.
    The bed area looks so pretty – can’t wait to see what the rest of the area looks like!

    • kris says:

      I love the mosquito netting! 🙂
      Can you believe the majority of the first floor was suites? I didn’t know anyone needed a suite on an airplane!

  2. Lenna (veganlenna) says:

    Those orchids are so pretty!! Enjoy your stay at Maldives, I am looking forward to seeing some pictures 🙂

  3. 15 hours of transport? Yikes! I’d be absolutely exhausted too. But the airport in Singapore sounds amazing! I’ve never been to one that has a garden, or even so many other things to do… usually I just end up sitting in a plastic chair waiting for my next flight 😆 Anywho, I hope you’re well rested, and I can’t wait to see some pics 😀

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