Good Morning!

Today is bright and sunny once again, but with 80% humidity.

I realized today that I’ve been kinda carbo-loading ever since I got here.

garlic toast, raisin bread, japanese brown rice roll, chocolate croissant, & chicken sausage roll

There’s a bakery downstairs, La Creation de Gute, that has the most delicious and beautiful breads and pastries. Their inspiration I would say is like Germany meets Japan. I love going in and just taking in the smell. Then I usually can’t resist and end up buying a whole bag full of warm bread.

Yesterday afternoon as I was walking by I spotted the donut holes and just HADDD to get one to try. Out of the green tea, chocolate, and vanilla custard, I of course chose chocolate.

This wasn’t just any ordinary chocolate donut hole. Nope.

It was a mochi molten chocolate donut hole.

See the chocolate inside?

It was deelicious. I really liked the chewy texture of it from the tapioca flour.

I also picked out some tapioca rolls.

chocolate chip, cheese, black sesame, and peanut

The cheese ones are almost like the pao de queijo I mentioned a while back from Fogo de Chao. I think I may actually like these more since they’re less greasy.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Moving on to breakfast. 

After reading the pancakes post by Jess earlier this morning I was really craving pancakes. And believe me, I looked for them. I even went to McDonald’s! Alas, they didn’t have them. They have egg McMuffins and all that, but since this particular McDonald’s was super tiny, instead of pancakes, they served macaroni soup (a popular breakfast here).

Did I mention that everything here in HK is super tiny? I’ll touch on that another day.

Back to breakfast.

Pancakes > Macaroni soup. Any day.

I finally settled on a tomato and egg sandwich with hong kong style milk tea from a little quick foods shop.

I ended up taking only a few bites of the sandwich because it was filled with mayo and I’m no fan of mayo.

Luckily I had stopped by my favorite bakery on my way home 🙂

I bought more of the tapioca rolls and ended up eating two – a cheese one and a chocolate chip one.

Saved the best for last.

Chocolate chip goodness.

I don’t really have any set plans today.  I’ll probably end up going shopping or something…nothing too exciting.

What’s everyone doing for July 4th tomorrow? We not celebrating here so I’d like to live vicariously through everyone else’s festivities 🙂 Happy Independence Day!!


10 Comments on “Carbo-Loading”

  1. Lenna (veganlenna) says:

    All those carbs look really tasty 🙂
    We do not celebrate July 4th either, so nothing interesting going on here 🙂 But Happy Independence Day to everyone!

  2. mmm; all of the bread looks amazing! Sounds like a suitable replacement for pancakes 😉
    i’ve never had tapioca flour – i didn’t know it gave things a chewy texture! i actually have a bag of it, unopened, though. can’t wait to use it!
    Have a great day!

  3. Cars are the loves of my life 😀 I don’t know what looks tastier… those donut holes, or the chocolate chip rolls. I probably wouldn’t even bother trying to choose between the two… I’d just take both 😉

    We don’t celebrate the 4th up here in Canada, but we had Canada Day on the 1st and I ended up watching the fireworks and going to a BBQ 🙂

  4. ire23 says:

    Omg that all looks sooooo good! I am now going to do the supeer embarrassing thing of inviting myself to HK for the next time you go! 🙂

  5. I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate (I know, *gasp*) but “mochi molten chocolate donut hole”?? Excuse me while I go clean the drool off my laptop!

  6. […] my mid-morning break, I went to buy a snack at my favorite bread shop downstairs. I needed to get my blood circulating in my […]

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