After 7+hours on a plane watching some in-flight entertainment – “Just Go With It”, “Willy Wonka” and a couple attempts at cracking open my operations management textbook – I’m now blogging from the beautiful state of Hawaii!

My journey over started bright and early this morning with what I was hoping would be an early morning run, but since I didn’t get to bed until 2am last night, that didn’t happen.

Instead I downed two slices of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast while cooking up some tofu and making a sandwich to bring with me on the plane.


Lunch was served on my flight over, but I like to bring along snacks in case I don’t fancy what’s on the menu.  Which is often the case on this particular route I fly.

Airplane food’s pretty hit or miss for me.

I have heard of a few airlines that have amazing meals though!  I think British Airways has some pretty okay sandwiches sometimes and I’ve had the vegan entree on an AA flight before which was decently good.

First up, salad.  It was a normal green salad, but I gave it a little extra something by adding my cayenne+pepper dusted tofu.


It’s like instant protein.

Next up was the main course.  I chose the hibachi chicken just so I could eat the sweet potato mash underneath.


So technically I had a peanut+sunflower butter and strawberry jelly sandwich with sweet potato mash.


And of course, I can never say no to dessert.


Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce.  I ate about ¾ ‘s of it and it was delicious 😛

About two hours before landing we were served a pre-arrival snack of cheese and crackers.


I love Wee Brie, but blue cheese I’m not such a fan of.  I try a little bit almost every time I come across it, but it’s such a strong cheese and I still haven’t quite acquired the taste for it.

I also snacked on a pear I brought along.

Overall it was a pretty smooth flight as opposed to how it is about 70% of the times I fly in. When I flew in this past December, I’m pretty sure the entire flight after takeoff was intense turbulence, which I absolutely hate!

Now that I’m safely on the ground :), the INS and OUTS of my past week:



I’ve found the key to running outdoors in the dreaded summer heat! If you happen to live within a good sized neighborhood, run in the mornings when everyones sprinklers are on.  I swear every couple houses I ran by, at least one of them had their sprinklers on.  It made for a much cooler and more enjoyable run 🙂

Cayenne Pepper

I’ve been obsessed with this ever since I got it beginning of this week.  I love the spicy kick it gives my tofu.



I’ve eaten this every night this week. I’m a chocoholic 🙂


100-degree weather


I’ve been in Hawaii only a couple hours and I’m really enjoying the much cooler weather.  I went on a short run at 3:30pm and it was still cooler than the morning runs I do in TX.

Almond Butter


I finished up my jar and haven’t restocked yet because I’ve been meaning to make my own batch.  I’m still debating whether I want to that or to just go and buy it because I miss it so much.  No ab & banana toast lately 😦

Pancakes and Waffles


Can you believe I haven’t had either ALL week??  Who AM I?  I need to fix that.

What’s the best airplane food you’ve ever had?

Any In’s or Out’s this week?


7 Comments on “Aloha!”

  1. Lenna (veganlenna) says:

    Enjoy your stay at Hawai, I wouldn´t have thought there´s a more pleasant weather! I always thought of Hawai as of a VERY warm place:) I never had food on the airplane because our airlines aren´t serving vegan meals, so I always had to take my own home-prepared snacks. But I never flew more than 3 hours, so I could even go without some snacking:)

  2. so…is there really snow down there?!
    the airplane food actually looks like it’s really good – not something i’d have expected! i’ve never flown before, though 😛

    • kris says:

      Not where I am, but there was some snowfall last week on the big island of hawaii where Mauna Kea (a volcano) is located. It’s kinda crazy b/c you can surf in the ocean and then go and play in the snow on the mountain.

  3. 😯 THAT’S airplane food? Wooooow. I’ve never gotten airplane food that good! All the stuff I’ve come across is just nasty and I don’t even think my dog would eat it. I always pack my own food anyways, though, because I have allergies and don’t feel like messing around.

    My ins for this week areeee sunshine, chocolate, multiple breakfasts per day, coffee, ice cream, aaaand coconut body butter 😀

  4. […] This is part of the route I run whenever I’m in Hawaii.  It’s breezy, gorgeous, and so calming in the mornings. The closest I’ll be to any water these days are morning sprinklers. […]

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