Keepin it Simple

Happy Friday!    This week passed by in a jiffy.  I hope it was a good week for everyone. Anyone doing anything fun tonight?

I kept my breakfast light and simple this morning.  Just a mix of Barbara’s shredded wheat and peanut butter puffins and a generous helping of kamut puffs.

Topped with some grilled pineapple, banana, and frozen strawbs, with a good pour of almond milk.

I know I said I wasn’t a morning cereal person the other day, but today it just hit the spot.  And it comes in handy when I’m in a rush.

Gotta run! I’m off to the passport office to get additional pages added to my passport for some trips I’ll be going on this summer. But I’ll be back later to tell you the ‘in’s and out’s’ of my week.  Have a great afternoon! 🙂


2 Comments on “Keepin it Simple”

  1. thanks for all your sweet comments 🙂

    i love grilled pineapple!

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