H – O – Double T

HOTT. and humid.

Thats what it was today.  I went out for a run this afternoon and I was REALLY feelin it.  Dinner and drinks last night definitely played a large role in my excruciating run this afternoon.  My plan was to run 5 miles, but I only made it 2.3 miles before I stopped.  I probably could’ve made it a little further (but not much) however I kept thinking about how hot it was and how tired I was getting and how dehydrated I was.  I ended up talking myself into just running .5 miles and walking .25 until I reached 3 miles and then it was down to just running .25 miles and walking .25 miles until I reached 4 miles.  Than I just walked for 2 miles.  My mind was not thinking very positively today.  I’ve realized that what I eat really affects my physical ability the next day and last night’s 3+ glasses of vino and sangria didn’t help at all.

The effects of overeating and alcohol = No bueno.

You know what IS bueno though??  This!

Yepp! The return of breakfast 🙂  I was a very happy girl this morning and enjoyed every last bite of this oats/oatbran, cottage cheese, peaches and blueberries combo.

These past couple days/nights have been busy busy and I haven’t exactly had that much time to make anything spectacular, but I have been enjoying this quick and yummy combo.

A pineapple ring filled with cottage cheese.  It’s nothing life-changing, but it’s an easy to make snack and combination of two of my favorites.

Okay, it’s officially WAY past my bed time.  I’m going to drink a HUGE glass of water to re-hydrate my very dehydrated body and then I’m off to bed.  Night oaties! 🙂


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