5 Weekend Finds

I hope everyone had a great Monday! Like I mentioned earlier I wanted to share with you some of my weekend discoveries and purchases, 5 in particular.


This protein powder is seriously ahhmazing!  It doesn’t have any weird or chalky after tastes.  Both the vanilla and chocolate flavors are great, although my favorite is the chocolate hands down.  I’ve been combining 1/2 the packet of chocolate pp with 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 T extra dark cocoa powder, 8-9 ice (or frozen almond milk) wedges or cubes, 1/2 a frozen banana, and a pinch or two of arrowroot.  Its chocolate heaven.

This is the vanilla version:

Same ingredients as the chocolate version except using the vanilla pp in place of the chocolate and replacing the cocoa powder with peanut flour.  Btw, I’m not really sure what those orange specks are…its in the chocolate pp too so I’m guessing its something good for you. 🙂  I promise you can’t taste it at all!


I cut into my first watermelon of the season!  Sweet and juicy and reminds me of summer.  I took this picture this afternoon and the bowl is already half gone.  I can down watermelon like its air.



This stuff is seriously addicting.  It reminds me of teddy grahams and are made for kids, but whatever, we’re all kids at heart 🙂


A perfectly salty snack and a perfectly good way to ruin my appetite before dinner.  I ate way too many this afternoon and ended up ruining my dinner.  But i think it was worth it.  I love pretzels!



My first time trying tempeh!  It was a good experience, except it was a little too salty for my taste.  But i think I’m onboard the tempeh train and will be trying out other flavors very soon.

Have you made any new discoveries or tried anything new recently?  I love trying new things!


4 Comments on “5 Weekend Finds”

  1. snackimals!!!! oh my word, i love those things. i just tried them for the first time recently, too. yeah, the little bag may say “2 servings” but once you start you just don’t stop, they’re that good. (er, for me at least…hehe) i was nice and gave my boss a giraffe, though. (…or something like that.)

    • kris says:

      Aren’t they just the best?? Hahah, that was very nice of you to share the giraffe 🙂 I on the other hand was not as nice and didn’t share. I totally didn’t even realize each bag had TWO servings until I finished it…I was thinking the whole time, “Wow, you sure get a lot for just 110 calories!”

  2. […] couple of my favorite blends: chocolate heaven, açaí bowl, and almond […]

  3. […] couple of my favorite blends: chocolate heaven, açaí bowl, and almond […]

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