I’m feeling back to normal today in terms of my physical feel 🙂  However, I had a little too much brownie yesterday from my trial batch, in addition to a few too many snacks before and after dinner, and my stomach has been feeling pretty queasy all night and this morning.  It’s strange though because having eaten so much last night I would think I wouldn’t be very hungry this morning, but I guess all that food amped up my metabolism or something because
the moment I woke up I was feeling ravenous.  I tried to satisfy it through a cashew butter stuffed date so I could go to my flexible strength class before eating breakfast, but ALL I could think about during my class was what I was going to eat for breakfast.  So when I got home, I broke out my…

WAFFLE MAKER!!  My awesome friends got this for me a couple years ago because they know I am a HUGE fan of waffles.  I don’t use this thing enough…

I just added water and a spoon of chia seeds to my Kodiak Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Mix, poured it into my waffler, and my waffle was ready to go!  I topped it with the same stuffing I used in my Un-Paula Stuffed French Toast and some bananas and toasted coconut.  Quick tip for toasted coconut: I toast up a big batch every once in a while and just store it in the freezer for easy access.  Makes it so much easier to add to my breakfasts.

On the side I also had 2 pineapple rings.  Can’t get enough pineapple!  It’s definitely on of my favorite fruits.

On the agenda for today: I need to go sell back my books to the bookstore and hopefully get some cash for that.  And than I need to use that cash (plus much more, i’m guessing) to buy the books I need for my summer classes.  Why are books SO pricey??  I hate it when they don’t take my books back, which I paid full price for and are still pretty much brand new, because there is a new edition out.  Such a waste of paper!

What’re your plans today?  So happy it’s Friday (although it’s Friday the 13th)!  Make it a great day oaties! 🙂


2 Comments on “Waffler”

  1. Why have I never thought to toast coconut all at once to freeze it? That’s a great idea…toasted coconut is far superior to regular coconut but I’m always way too lazy to toast it.
    The waffle looks spectacular, of course; I’m quite a waffle fan 😉
    And ugh – books! They break my bank account every semester and I’m so sick of it! We pay enough for school already, why tack on $500 for books?!

    • kris says:

      I’m right there with you…I could eat waffles everyday for any meal since it can both sweet OR savory. Although I choose sweet anyday 🙂

      Seriously!!..The whole book situation is just getting ridiculous!

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