My cardio warm-up (18 mins on the t-mill and 12 on the elliptical) and pilates class really kicked my butt this morning.  I don’t know why I always go into pilates thinking it’s a more relaxing class than all the other ones I take, but always quickly find myself struggling 15 mins in.  Its pretty amazing how much resistance we have using just our own body weight.  And it’s also amazing how many forms of push-ups there are.  And the fact that all of them are equally hard to do.  My arms were like jellies today.

I wasn’t feeling quite like myself this morning/afternoon and was just feeling exhausted.  I figured that maybe if I got some food in me I’d feel a little better.  I made myself a small wrap with a spread of cashew butter topped with banana and mango slices and a sprinkle of flax, all rolled up.  On the side I had a bowl of an assortment of cereal (peanut butter&chocolate puffins, oats, shredded wheat, and kamut puffs) with more banana slices and unsweetened almond milk.

These are currently my favorite wraps!  I like to toast them in the toaster sometimes and they become crunchy like pita chips and make for a great afternoon snack dipped in hummus or nut butter.  This is my first time trying the ‘light’ version.  Just as good as the original with flax!

I still didn’t feel so well after my breakfast so i decided to vitamin-C it up with a packet of emergen-C.

A packet of emergen-C and a quick 20 minute nap later, I was feeling a little bit more like my normal self.  I’m not really a fan of naps (i know I’m strange…), but sometimes they just make me feel SO much better.  Plus I think I needed that vitamin C to strengthen my immune system.  Everytime I start feeling too tired or feeling like I’m about to get sick, I take emergen-C every couple hours and feel SO much better.  Works like a charm!  Just check out all those vitamins and minerals!

I spent the other part of my afternoon experimenting with a dark chocolate brownie recipe.  I got the texture right but the sweetness isn’t quite there yet, so I’ve still got some tweaking to do before I can officially post the recipe.  I CAN however tell you it is very chocolaty and hopefully will have NO added sugar.  I love sweets but I try to cut down on my sugar intake from time to time.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling like my normal self tomorrow, just in time to ring in our supposedly sunny and beautiful weekend with temperatures ranging in the 70’s.  But if any of you are familiar with Texas…our weather can change in the matter of minutes…

What do YOU usually do when you’re feeling exhausted or on the verge of getting sick?  Prevention is key for me.  I start downing emergen-C like no other.  It’s not the best tasting thing out there, but getting sick is about 100 times worse.


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