Say Whattt?

I had a great workout this morning (20 min run on the treadmill followed by a strength stability stretch class) followed by a carb-arific breakfast.  I had bowl of cereal (1 barbara’s shredded wheat and 3/4 cup kamut puffs) with sliced bananas, frozen peaches and strawberries mixed in.  On the side I had a slice of Ezekiel, toasted with a spread of my homemade roasted cashew butter topped with slice bananas.  Sometimes simple is just the way to go.

Lunch wasn’t too too far later and it was oven baked japanese yam fries.  I’ve been waiting for days to eat that yam I had on my counter, but the opportunity didn’t arise until this afternoon.

With a nice mound of my unsweetened ketchup mixed with some siracha. Life is good.


So I try my best to live by the notion where if I find myself thinking ‘say what??‘ on any of the ingredients listed on a food product that I should probably just pass it up.  Well, I kind of made the exception for almond milk because I figured since it wasn’t soy or dairy and that it was made of almonds and filtered water that those other ingredients probably couldn’t hurt me.  But apparently I was wrong.

I’ve been coming across findings for Carrageenan, but I didn’t want to really put anything out there until I had a couple more sources to back it up.  Please keep in mind that I’m no research specialist or doctor in any way, but I have done my own research and found that carrageenan, which is found in many food products, and Almond Breeze almond milk to be exact, can cause the increased growth rate of tumors leading to certain cancers.  Luckily my new favorite almond milk, Silk Pure Almond, does not contain it.  Phew!

I know it’s probably best if I just make my own almond milk, which is SO easy, but sometimes I just get lazy and would rather buy it.  Maybe I’ll make some soon.

But first I need some sleep.  Night Oaties 🙂


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