Hummus Baby

Boy can hummus fill you up!  I had no idea until now…I currently have a hummus baby.  I ate at an odd time today and couldn’t choose between breakfast or lunch so I just settled on a mini bowl of peanut butter & chocolate puffins (my current favorite cereal) and an order of whole wheat pitas + hummus from Zoe’s Kitchen.

I absolutely adore Zoe’s and can’t seem to get enough of it.  They’re a quick and much healthier alternative to fast food especially when you’re on the go and running short on time.  My favorites from them are the mediterranean tuna pita (whole wheat)the greek salad, and their braised white beans.  If you haven’t tried their braised white beans, you must.  They’re the best beans I’ve ever had.  No joke.

So, now that I’m done with finals, I’ve been catching up on TV.  I watched Gossip Girl, 90210, AND Hawaii five-0 last night.  It was definitely a couch potato night.  Is anyone else sad that season finales are pretty much all this week and next week?  Its so sad that when I actually have time to watch them, they’re all coming to an end and don’t start up again until school is in session in the fall.  Thats TV for ya!

But its alright because pretty soon I’ll be staring at this all day and won’t need any TV! 🙂

Counting down the days til I’m back in paradise!


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