To Breakfast or To Work-Out

Afternoon Oaties!

So lately I’ve been seeing an increased number of articles about the benefits of working out before breakfast and as someone who usually works out after eating breakfast, I was intrigued.  Apparently working out in the so called ‘fasted state’ coaxes the body to burn a greater percentage of fat for fuel during vigorous exercise, instead of relying primarily on carbohydrates (according to the NYtimes).  I’ve been eating breakfast before working out for such a long time, I wanted to see the effects of no breakfast on my body when I worked out on an almost empty stomach.  I say almost because this morning before I headed off to the gym I couldn’t help but grab a mini peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough bite.  What can I say…I’m just not used to no food before leaving the house.  I wouldn’t say todays workout of particularly intense, but it was a good enough workout to say that I can still function just as well without breakfast.  But I guess I should continue for a couple more days at least before I am so positive to say so.

So after my quick run + flexible strength class, I headed home for some breakfast.  On todays menu…chocolate banana buckwheat bake (minus the maple syrup).  FINALLY, I had the chance to try it!  Thats one of the major perks to eating after a workout.  I actually have time to make whatever breakfast I want.  And that makes me one happy camper :).

Check that out ^.  This is one breakfast totally worth waiting for.  Not that I had to wait that long though, since it requires less than 2 minutes of cook microwave time.  It actually takes longer to prep than it does to cook.  It’s actually pretty amazing the result you can get with such a short prep+cook time.  I enjoyed my bake topped with bananas and peanut butter drizzle (peanut flour mixed with water), with a side of strawberries for an extra pop of color.

I poured on more peanut drizzle halfway through.  Check out that waterfall and puddle of peanut butter oooooze.

The peanut butter drizzle was just calling out to me and I ended up just dunking the last couple bites into the bowl I had mixed the it in.  Gotta save the best for last ;).


Remember the sugar free ketchup I found at Whole Foods that I was talking about yesterday?  It’s by Westbrae Natural.

It’s not as sweet as the usual ketchup, but it’s still delicious.  Check out the ingredients…

Only 5 calories per tbsp versus the usual 20.  I love ketchup and can use it on pretty much anything so I prefer the unsweetened version.  Anyways, if I wanted it sweeter I could make it sweeter myself by adding honey or agave.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Or I could go all out and make my own homemade ketchup.  I don’t see that happening in the near future though.  I just see lots of face time with Microsoft Word and lots of bluffing typing.

The day is still young, my friends.  I’m hoping to get in a nice and easy bike ride later this afternoon as break from my new bff (aka my laptop).  I realized I’ve been spending a lot more time with it than usual during this finals period.  I even used it as my tray to carry my breakfast to the table this morning.  After this week, we may need to spend a little time apart so I can actually see some other bffs :).

Make sure to do something active this afternoon.  You’ll just feel so much better afterwards.  I promise!  And if its as gorgeous as it is out here in Texas today, do something outside, even if its just walking around the neighborhood.  Have a great one oaties!


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