Lunch time!

Where has this day gone??  It’s already 3:30pm and I am just now getting around to eating lunch.  I woke up pretty early to get myself to the gym, but after that I’ve just been running around like a crazy person trying to get errands done.  And to make errand even more fun, its pouring outside.  At least I got to wear my favorite rainboots :).

I was SO tempted to just eat a bowl of cereal or this mouth-watering buckwheat bake, but I finally settled on something more savory… my kitchen sink open-faced omelette.  Three egg whites, 1 whole egg, sockeye salmon (so good!), kidney beans, sweet peas, baby spinach, and lots and lots of pepper.  I literally just pour my egg whites straight from the container into a small nonstick pan, then crack an egg right into the center and load everything else on top.  Cover and let steam at medium heat and 5 mins or so later…Lunch is served.  I love how the yolk of the one egg is still a little runny, but relatively firm.  It just makes the omelette that much better.  Its the little things that just make my day :).

I know it looks like I just have a big ol’ bowl of spinach with ugly red dots all over it, but I promise everything else is under there.  They’re just hiding because they can hear my stomach growling and know I’m about to scarf it down in mins.  Its not the prettiest looking thing, but I promise its good.  Those ugly red dots are actually sirarcha and that big blob of red stuff back there on the left is my newest find.  All natural sugar free ketchup.  More on that in another post.

Its officially death finals week and I’m scrambling to finish my two final papers and getting ready for my last exam.  After Sunday I’ll get two whole weeks off before summer school starts!  And before I know it, it’ll be time for my first summer trip (any guess where?? hint…you need a passport to get there and its nickname is Pearl of the Orient).  Can’t wait!

Lunch break over.  Time to get back to work!  Have a great evening lovelies!


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