Some Vita-mix Action

My vita-mix got a pretty decent break over the long weekend and it was about time I break it out again for some VMA (vita-mix action).  I really think this is the most used gadget in my kitchen, but I’m not surprised why.  It can pretty much make anything.  This morning I just wanted something cold and simple so I ended up using:

  • 1 large frozen banana
  • 1 cup low-fat unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 2.5 pieces ice
  • 1 rounded tbsp almond butter
  • 1 tbsp ground flax
  • a couple dashes vietnamese cinnamon and a couple more on the finished product
blend it up!
And a couple mins later, a banana almond smoothie was born:
Very banana-y with a hint of almond.

It was simple and delicious.  But it would be even more delicious had I shaved some dark chocolate over it and mixed it in.  But alas, I was running low on time and had to get myself over to they gym pronto.

I had a decent workout that started with 18 mins on the treadmill looking something like this:

– min 0-1 @ 3.2
– min 1-2 @ 3.5
– min 2-3 @ 3.9
– mins 3-7 @ 6.5
– min 7-7:30 @ 7.5
– mins 7:30-10 @ 6.6
– min 10-10:30 @ 8.0
– mins 10:30-13 @ 6.7
– min 13-13:30 @ 8.0
– mins 13:30-16 @ 6.8    (all at a .5 incline)
– min 16 @ 12 3.8   (at a 12 incline)
– min 17-18 @ 3.5  (at inline 3.5)

Then I was off to my tuesday ‘flexible strength’ class where we incorporate 3 lb dumbbells, one 5 lb dumbbell, and a 9 lb body bar into some functional movements.  Today we worked mostly shoulders and arms and did a lot of squats.  I rounded out my workout with 9 mins of intervals on the stair master.

I hoping to get into major ‘study mode’ later this afternoon so I can whip through some papers and feel like I’m actually accomplishing something.  Maybe I’ll reward myself afterwards with last nights new episode of Gossip Girl.  Who am I kidding?  I know I’ll watch it whether or not I get through my papers…

Oh, and does anyone out there watch Hawaii 5-O?  New favorite show!  Its so good, and makes the island look so amazing.  Not that it already isn’t, but it truly makes it look magnificently beautiful.  

Have a great and productive afternoon!


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